Sunday, May 3, 2009

How To Get 360 waves!

There is absolutely No secret to getting waves. No hidden codes, no rocket science. Just you, your arm, your hand, and your brush. For some reason people think they can create books and such things and charge you people for some kind of SECRET on getting waves which is totally ridiculous. All my information is free and easy and can help you get perfect, flawless waves.

So the simple question is....How can I get 360 Waves? And What is the easiest way to get 360 waves?

How to get 360 waves- You achieve 360 waves by brushing your hair with its natural grain and by straightening out a curl. What i mean by this is...A wave is nothing more than a straightened out curl. The brushing straightens out this curl and forms a WAVE. Now when you brush, the waves are not going to come out perfect, they will come out crooked, this is not a MAY or a MAYBE. This is a definite. When first starting out your waves will seem crooked but with enough brushing and wolfing you will straighten them out. What is wolfing??? Check My Wave Definitions post to understand what these words mean.

Another Key Thing is training your hair. You may ask, what is this?? Well what I mean by training your hair is training it to lay down. You are basically training your hair by brushing it. Every time you brush your hair you are training it. There is a method known as the H20 Method that helps with this. Want more information on this? View the blog archive for "H20 Method" (under the month of Janurary).

Now How often do I brush?

When i first started waving I would brush for 1 hour a day to 2 hours a day. Now, this isn't all at one time. It's spread out into different parts. I'd brush at school, I'd brush while watching television, I'd brush while on the computer, there are tons of opportunities for you to brush your hair. It will take a while to get perfect 360 waves but it will come one day! Just follow my guide!

Now, i only have to brush 10-20 minutes to maintain my hair waves. But i'm still getting them better connected so i tend to brush 30-45 minutes daily.


The Docz said...

Yo wassup man. This a real good post I used to the same like when I first started brushing but now I spread it out in between different sections of the day. Check out my blog at it has a couple of interesting reviews on some products trying to get more up there though. Oh and by the way have you ever heard of cashcrate?

Smoothoperator said...

You have a great blog too

danemetcalf said...

were can u get a good diane brush

wavestunta said...

i used to have waves den dis stupidass barber cut the motherfuckers out so im startin from scratch again and im using 360 style, motions and s-curl wave gel will that work????

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