Wednesday, April 1, 2009

White People Getting 360 Waves

People often ask me, can White people get 360 waves? Well the answer to this question is, YES! White people can get 360 waves. It takes more effort but it is possible. How can you get them? Its just like getting 360 waves as a black person. You have to wolf your hair for an extended time until your hair begins to curl and you form waves by brushing those curls. When you brush these curls, they end up forming waves after you continuously brush. If you really want to learn how to get 360 waves, three sixty waves, as a white person, visit and register for the site and ask questions on how to get waves for white people. They have people that will help you get your waves.

Chrisdogg Waves


Jo said...

its not white people that can't get waves its people without a curl in their hair

white people with curly hair can get waves
n white people who are mixed with something even if they dont know it

Anonymous said...

yea he rite and if u got staight hair jus wolf ya hair and use activater and brush wit a hard brush to get ya hair to start curlin

Anonymous said...

what does wolf ur hair mean? and im portuguese but i dnt think i have curly hair mines pretty straight but kinda think i usually only get tapers and lined up but i wana try to get waves i think there klean.. what products do i need? and what do i need to do?

Anonymous said...

im white and i dont use anything i just brush for a long time everyday and everytime my arm gets tired i comb it with a small comb and my waves show up now

Anonymous said...

fuck you all, im a full blooded white boy, how the fuck am i supposed to get waves

rich said...

I'm Italian wit. st8. Hair but my shit thick. ima get waves

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